Red Races

Cardigan: Stolen from my Grandmothers closet
Snakeskin print leggings: Jet 
Boots: Gift
Fork Bangle: Prince of Newtown 

Hi Loves! Today I decided that an outfit post was long overdue and so woke up at 10 in the morning (yes 10! WAAAAY too early for students like myself) and set off to find a good location. The weather here has been extremely bipolar and so it was hard to plan but I managed to find something casual but  put together at the same time.

I paired this red and black houndstooth patterned cardigan with some leggings and studded boots. Because the print is so bright I didn't want to overdo the accessories and I felt the hardware on the boots and the fork bangle were subtle enough to compliment the outfit without overdoing it.

I found this jersey in my Grandma's closet awhile back and I never really wear it because in all honesty I'm not entirely fond of colours or prints that shout and I see Red as a very aggressive colour. However paired with only Black I managed to make it work for me. The leggings are from Jet and my Boots were a gift from the mother (Thank you mummy! :*). I found my Bracelet at the Neighbour Goods Market in Johannesburg and It was created by this artist called "Prince" who uses sterling silver cutlery to create beautiful accessories. I had seen this model on the sartorialist during Fashion week and was so excited when I found one. Read more about Prince HERE

Hope you guys like this look. If you have any ideas or comments let me know! Have a great day! Kisses!

- Jade xx

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