How Nikes became my babies

Top: Cotton On
Crop: Mr Price
Leggings: Borrowed from little sister 
Trainers: Nike


Today lindas I want to talk about Nike! Yup, “Just do it” seems to have become the motto of the moment. Trainers own the new comfy look and whether they’re plain black or Neon enough to stop traffic everyone everywhere is rocking them. Let me share my story with you ladies, so that you can understand my current admiration for this trend. 

Personally, I have always been a heels gal. But with my move to varsity, the lack of a car, and my undying love for my shoes, there was no way I was tormenting them with the cobbled streets I walk up and down everyday. So out with the heels and in with the….? I had no clue. I tried for awhile to embrace my chubby toes and ordered my very first pair of sandals since i was what?, Ten?! Eeek! The sandals were okay for a while but everywhere I went I felt like I had flat foot. (Is that even a thing?!) You know what I mean right? The feeling that your chubby feet are slapping down on the pavement slap like a flipper and not the dainty, pretty, balance mechanism we see in Vogue editorials for summer nail polish. 

My father has always had his own obsession with trainers, loving neon greens, yellows and even trying those “hooved” trainers that came out years ago. For years I have mocked him for his affiliation to such, “tackies” for me being the beginnings of slovenliness, starting with them and ending up in Juicy tracksuit bottoms and baggy t-shirts. Up until that point I had only worn heels, the occasional pump and now sandals but then the Nike Air came out and my Instagram and Tumblr feed exploded with Tiffany blue Running trainers and Black and White sophisticated sneakers that could almost be described as “smart”. 

For awhile I toyed with the idea of wearing trainers as shoes and not exclusively just exercise wear but then I saw Tasha Green in her Black and white Nikes on Instagram and I knew I had to try for myself. I sent pictures to the Father and on his way back from the UK he brought me back a pair of the ever so craved Nike’s. Firstly I was shocked. They weren’t the Nike Air Max’s Tasha Green had \0/ What now? How was I supposed to style them. I won’t lie It took me five minutes to google them and see they were the same ones' Jaden Smith owns for me to fully embrace them. So what they weren’t the same?! My dad had put me in trend without me even knowing it and at the same time blessed me with the most comfortable footwear I’d ever owned. 

Once on my feet the scuba boot looking trainers lit up. So comfortable and trendy I began to wear them all the time. Travelling, walking, running, anywhere and everywhere I went they came with. No longer did my feet feel so flat and sometimes I almost felt so comfortable I could be skipping. I learnt to style them with leggings, oversized knits, jeans and even dainty crops and dresses. Yup, No shame right? I said dresses! When the offer for a new pair came along YES! was al that jumped to my lips and I decided to be more daring with my colour choice and pattern, knowing that I could now pair them with practically anything. And I can! 

So ladies, I’m not saying  that Nike has to be your footwear of choice and the be-all and end-all. But, If the dilemma is whether or not to ditch the heels, pumps or sandals and go with funky and comfortable trainers this year, my advice to you would be “Just do It”.


- Jade xx

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