Henry Holland x Mr Price


Top: Mr Price
Pencil Skirt: Jay Jays 
Courts: Mr Price



Photo Credit: Moses Chisale 
Good morning my lovelies! Here is the first outfit post of 2015 and I hope you like it! 

I know it’s a tad bit late but I realised that since I purchased from last years Henry Holland collection for Mr Price I hadn’t actually put up an outfit post wearing a piece of the collection. 

Though I was extremely hesitant about the collection and the colour scheme, (neon isn’t exactly my thing), I decided to push myself and find something a little toned down that is very sporty, and as you know loves, sporty is my new casual *wink wink*. 

I loved the zip on this and I remember when I brought it home my dad suggesting I use it to work out and my mum looking at me skeptically asking “how do you plan on wearing it?” I knew immediately that skirt was the way to go. High waist maxi or pencil and here I am having chosen pencil. 

I felt that the neon accents should be the main feature of the look and so went with no make-up, pulled back hair and plain but powerful courts. I love the freedom this top gives you being made of really light, airy material and the zip of course provides an awesome place for the air to circulate. 

Shooting this look was a lot of fun because i so comfortable however the light was paying lots of games. For those of you who haven’t heard Malawi is currently going through hectic weather changes and so it can go from hot and sunny to hailing down within seconds. 

I hope you like the look lovelies. It’s actually one of my favourites and one of my favourites to shoot. Let me know what you think?


- Jade xx 

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