Furrr on ma Purrrse?!

In 2014, towards the end of the year we saw a new trend emerge. Fluffy fur everywhere! 

Starting with River Islands' Fluffy bags, we suddenly had fluffy mules, fluffy two-sets and the most popular; Furry clutches!

Now, we all had those cute pink little furry dog bags when we were about five years old right? But did we ever imagine we’d carry the trend into adulthood? I know I didn’t. I left my pink puppy where it belonged at the bottom of my, coincidentally, matching pink toy chest in the nineties. 

But here I am now, a grown woman, perving over the cutest and fluffiest accessory of the moment. Furry clutches! I first saw the trend on She Recycles Fashion and now they’re practically everywhere. Even Mr Price is having a go! (As I predicted in my article last year; “Trends in South Africa” I might just add). So, do we follow suit or ditch the kitch and leave it in 1999?

I have to admit they look super cute and can add that little bit of edge to your look. But, what’s holding me back from these is yes, the childish appearance and the impracticality of them. I mean. How do you clean them? and how do you style them so that you’re not covered in fluff and it doesn’t look like you just turned your nieces teddy into a handbag?! 

Looking at some of my favourite bloggers I can see that they’ve nailed it. Pairing the piece with either clean colours and structured outfits or else the always practical and easy to wear denim. The furry clutch depending on colour and print can be the statement piece of your outfit or that little bit of I’m not THAT serious you might just be needing to make an outfit less intimidating. From what I’ve seen it works best in bold colours with muted accessories and skilled layering. That’s not to say it can’t also work in a myriad of colours…. I mean, it’s fur for godsakes! If we’re going to go there who said playing isn’t allowed. There is no limit for this trend! 

Though I’m still slightly hesitant as to investing in this at the moment I am considering it for the colder periods. I mean not only are they super cute but my guess is you could slip an electric hot water bottle in there and no one would be the wiser! My advice? If you are going to go the furry purse way you start of with muted colours and go from there. Also I’d avoid pairing it with large gold costume jewellery and neon if you’re looking for a more sophisticated style. We always have the exceptions of course so if you feel brave feel free to experiment with it and let me know how you did?! 


- Jade xx

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