Is This What Rednecks Wear?

Shirt: Thrifted Ralph Lauren
Crop: Nike
Shorts: Cut off jeans
Boots: Timberland

Photo Credit: Moses Chisale 

Malawi is pretty hot now and again so I thought I’d bust out the shorts and another of last years trends… the plaid shirt. Once again this was supplied to me by little sister who thrifted it because she’s just so awesome like that. I felt super redneck pairing this with my cutoff denim shorts and my work boots hahaha. I thought the black crop gave it more of a girly edge though and tried to take a mature but playful edge to the look.

Going back to the title however Is this what rednecks wear!? All I know is what I’ve seen on Family Guy and I’m pretty sure this is what peter wore slumped on a couch in his back yard :D. If so I have decided I like this outfit , it’s super comfy and the boots can literally take me anywhere without me having to worry about my feet getting dirty or someone stepping on them (story of my life). I’m usually hesitant to wear chunky footwear because of my uber thin legs but tis time they really worked what do you guys think?


- Jade xx

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