Kylizzle Manizzle!

Shirt: Thrifted 
Heels: Mr Price 
Watch: Swatch

Photo Credit: Moses Chisale 

I saw Kylie Jenner rocking a denim shirt dress on Instagram once and It was amazing. But then again it was Kylie Jenner and almost everything she does is amazing right? Up until this point I didn’t actually have a denim shirt but trusty little sis managed to get me one whilst thrifting and this one is so huge it’s literally a shirt dress. Score right?!
I paired it with my Courts and a black clutch to lift it from the depths of effortless casual and decided on a natural make-up look. I know denim shirts are not as hot right now as they were at the beginning of this year but I am still all over this look and it gives me this daring "Guess woman" feeling, Know what I mean? :)
This was a really fun look to shoot, especially in this house that had such an “amongst the rubble” effect. The dress made me feel really powerful and strong. I’d probably call these my superwoman shoes :D You’re going to be seeing them a lot because I just think they’re so gorgeous and feminine.
What do you think my loves? How would you wear the denim shirt dress? Maybe accessorise more? Feel free to let me know pretties!

- Jade xx

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