Riri's cardigan

Cardigan: Diesel
Shorts: Old Cut offs
Trainers: Addidas

Photo Credit: Moses Chisale

Being in Malawi for the holidays there’s never that much to do so recently I’ve actually been a bit of a couch potato. I recently watched ‘The Interview’ and I loved it so much I thought I needed to watch me a little more James Franco and Seth Rogan. 

For this look I was inspired by the always fabulous Rihanna in the movie ’This is The End’ ( Which was absolutely hilarious by the way) . I loved her oversized cardi and how she can always manage to glam something up just by accessorising perfectly. 

I’ve actually been wearing this oversized Diesel jersey all holiday and I love how the buttons on the shoulder give me that extra neckline should I need it. I paired it with some cut off shorts and my Adidas wedge sneakers. I’ve actually had these for ages but hardly ever remember to use them and to be honest, they’re a bit hard to walk in because they aren’t  full wedge nor are they a flat. They are super cool though and I thought they went really well. 

The look is a great one just for a casual day and super comfy. also one of those odd combinations temperature wise though so I suppose you’d have to be kind of hot and kind of coldHaha! Perfect for Malawi right now as the weather gods seem to be confused.

Anyway, hope you like the look and wishing you all a beautiful start to the week.


- Jade xx

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