Top: Mr Price
Leggings: Unknown 
Courts: Mr Price

Photo Credit: Moses Chisale

Hello lindas! I thought that before I begin talking about the look I just wanna give you guys a little update;

Firstly can I just say that, "oh wow!" Monday!?! I am back from my long ass holiday and supposedly ready to hit classes with the fresh faced first years, filled with motivation and energy… BLEH! NOOOOO. Haha. I am in fact finally back at varsity (don’t worry though y’alls are covered for blog posts) and the dreary and disgusting whether of the ***** (particular-region-of-South-Africa-that-I-wont-mention-in-great-detail-because-I’-a-frightened-squirrel). When last did I actually dread and have to, get out of bed on a Monday? According to my newly printed timetable I am back at it today *sigh*. 

My first class just so happens to be before 10 AM ( stunned silence) and all the way up a hill. So I shall do my best not to hold this against my Monday morning and brush off the grey rainclouds laughing at me outside my window. I am however glad to be back. Of course I miss my family but it is good to have something to focus on right now at this particular time in my life and I am grateful for the opportunity to be here and learn and experience all that this place has to offer. 

To those of you returning as well, today or within the next few weeks I just want to say good luck. Though I do not intend to flaunt my “superiority” ( turns nose upwards) as a now second year \O/)( just wanna say that the year has lots of lessons in store for us, ALL of us and I only wish for them to be great ones that come hand in hand with great memories and great stories…

On that note, lemme get back to talking about the look, quickly before I miss my 8:40 lecture because I still have to trek all the way up the hill. (MEH! as my good friend Stacy would say).

This top is officially one of the best finds of 2014. It was originally R119 and I got it for a steal at, wait for it, wait for it, R9.00! I know right? Now technically that means that no one wanted it, I know but I’m in love with it and like all amazing discounts in my life this one shall be fully appreciated! I rolled up the sleeves to give it a little more shape and paired it with the beloved courts so it wasn’t too over the top. I was going to go simple and just wear it with jeans but then I spotted these leggings my dad got me (originally intended for sport lol.) and I thought, why not try something different? Yes, this is my year to be bold. 

The courts, as always, gave the look that powerful feminine edge and I really liked the shape of this entire look. It started raining once again as we shot this look but somehow I managed to make it work anyway haha and actually had great fun because I was so very comfortable. I’d definitely recommend scuba ladies. Feels like a second skin! 


- Jade xx

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