Keeping it Casual

T-shirt: Mr Price
Jeans: Cotton On
Trainers: Nike 
Bag: "Borrowed"

Photo Credit: Moses Chisale 

Good Morning beauts! 

I was going to say "Happy Monday" but let's face it, when is Monday ever happy? :D Haha. I feel like I wake up on the wrong side of the bed every Monday and I only truly get used to the busy rhythm of the week by Thursday when it's supposedly cooling down. This year Monday is definitely dreadful because I have a lecture at 7:45, so I'm up at the crack of dawn to fit in a light workout or a run and then from there my day doesn't stop .... *sigh* Oh well, here it is, one of Monday's most redeeming qualities, The Outfit Post! ( Cue drum roll please). 

Today's outfit is another little something casual to follow up on Friday's post (yes, last week was awesome because we had TWO outfit posts). For this outfit I didn't want to clutter up the look with too many colours and so I settled for having two statement pieces on a basic canvas. The trainers and the bag. The colours really give this look a little pop too and if I wanted to go all out and make it a little more serious I'd probably pair it with a navy blue blazer or maybe even a light oversized shirt. 

This was definitely the most comfortable look I've shot by far. The whole outfit, with the exception of the bag, are pretty much my everyday go to for everywhere whether varsity or home and like I said in "How Nikes became my Babies"  I wouldn't ditch the trainers for anything! 

I hope you like the post my loves, I'll have to rush off now to my "fun-filled" (not) Monday morning. But I hope you all have wonderful and beautiful starts to your weeks, or at least, if you wake up early, a really great cup of coffee to start the day off. I'm hoping to upload a little life update for you guys sometime this week as well, but in case I don't manage do check out my Instagram so you can see what I'm upto. 


- Jade xx

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