Olive Juice vs. Greeneyed Monster

Photo Credit: Moses Chisale 

To those of you who follow my Instagram the title of this ootd will come as no surprise and for those of you who don’t; no, I am not referring to myself as full of envy. Haha. “Green-eyed monster” Is one of the hashtags I use and the name I give myself when my eyes are feeling particularly green and I am feeling particularly me. And this shirt is just one of those things I throw on, no bra, no effort and can instantly feel comfortable, pretty and like myself in.

I did this shoot with two different pairs of shoes; Timberlands and Courts. Just to show how easily the exact same outfit can go from casual to sophisticated and vice-versa whilst still remaining comfortable.

This photo shoot was pretty much my “face”, as they say in Brazil, because I was so at ease and the shirt really brought out the colour of my eyes. Even though it’s nice to dress up I sometimes think you can feel just as beautiful dressed down as long as you feel like yourself and you’re confidant. I also think that’s important because sometimes we try and put on airs and graces and put in all this effort when really all we need to do is be ourselves and that’s when we look the prettiest!

Anyway. I hope you like the look pretties and can find ways to incorporate the idea into your own style, (perhaps shirts of colours that compliment your own eye/skin/hair colour).

- Jade xx

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