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Happy Monday Loves!

Soooo.... Guess what?! Tomorrow is my birthday! Yup the big 2-0 finally!

Once upon a time getting older used to seem really important to me but all of a sudden, sometimes I find myself feeling like here I am and I haven't achieved anything. I mean, I am totally aware that I am a real "young'un" but at the same time there are people younger than me who have started movements, incited awareness... even Rihanna was making music by sixteen and here I am still studying and hoping one day to make my way up to the top.

Recently at my university there's been a lot of upsetting talk going on. Suddenly everything has become about race and I've noticed a lot of racism being used to defend people from the very thing they are using as a weapon to justify inequality. Being mixed-race, it isn't something that I could ever understand and in all honesty before I came to South Africa I was much happier being less racially aware. I chose deliberately not to involve myself and to ignore it after all to me people are people (Basi). But I thought it was one of the things I wanted to bring up in this Mondays post.

Throughout the week all of the protests and fighting made me realise how much we forget to just appreciate. Yes I may be getting old(er) and yes, people may take it upon themselves to continue the prejudices of the past but actually there is so much time in the day that we could be using to enjoy being who we are and appreciating even the smallest achievements rather than feeling hopeless. When I think about it, when I think sensibly, I realise that even my smallest achievement for me is as great as Rihanna's first single and if I wasn't me I wouldn't have met all of the amazing and beautiful people I have in my life today. I wouldn't have The Coconut Lists and I wouldn't have the ability to see people for who they truly are and not judge them by the colour of their skin (which is beautiful regardless the skin tone). I really do feel sorry for the people who took their time out last week to say hurtful things about people. The people who couldn't just appreciate the fact that we are in a beautiful university and are blessed with resources we can use to our advantage. I feel sorry for the fact that whilst I'm sitting around worrying about small things such as turning twenty or my next blog post (things that are, in fact, FUN) they are using all of their valuable time slandering others and being bitter and spiteful unnecessarily.

The truth is that sometimes things are what we make them out to be and I have noticed that humans have a terrible knack of looking for the bad in a situation. Tomorrow instead of seeing my twentieth birthday as an undeserved milestone I choose to see it as the end of my teens and the beginning of a new chapter in my life, my twenties *gasps* Yay!?! Haha. And I sincerely hope that with my newfound optimism other can find it in their hearts to see our generation as the one that does not see colour but talent, qualities, potential and beauty and let us ignore those who do not because they belong in the past and we deserve a new world.

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