The Foodies Date Night

Halter neck: Cotton On
Trousers: Made by yours truly
Heels: Mr Price
Clutch: New Look
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana

Photo Credit: Moses Chisale

Hello lovelies! So when I wrote this post valentines day was pretty much around the corner and I thought, why not do something cute for a date right? It's not even close to valentines day anymore but who say's that we don't deserve to be taken on dates and shown love everyday right?!

The title of this outfit post perfectly describes how I felt about it. It was very simple and easy to throw on and look good in so it just reminded me of date nights in movies about married couples. Even though I hardly eat anything and for me and my Lindo a good date night would be sitting on the couch snuggling  I could just see myself coming out of a restaurant in this feeling full and super comfy.

I just threw on a simple black halter neck and paired it with some comfy beige trousers and heels. Another casual sophisticated look in the bag. It was super comfy to wear, though if I’m honest a shawl might be in order for those colder evenings.
Even though I won’t be going on a date night anytime soon I thought it would be a great outfit inspo. for those of you who are or even just for an evening meal or a few drinks with the girls! What do you think?


- Jade xx

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