Builder Smarts

Top: Topshop
Trousers: Markhams (Stolen from the brother)
Belt: Borrowed from Grandma 
Shoes: Gift from my Auntie
Glasses: Barton Pereira 

Photo Credit: Moses Chisale 

So lindas, I'm sorry to be rude but I have to start this post of with a great big "in your face!" to my brother ( Cousin, before you freak out but I am African and here he is my brother :D ). Let me explain that he had no idea, no idea at all, just how amazing these pants could be and dumped them on me without truly realising their full potential. Oh well, I have the pants now and I see them for who they truly are! Hahahaha! beauties.

I have never been a fan of trousers nor do I own a single item of clothing in this shade but only now do I know what I'm missing. Now, after wearing my brothers three-sizes-too-big-for-me discarded trousers and having folded and rolled them up at the ankle securing them with an elastic band I have miraculously become a trouser fan. These were a last minute outfit choice and with the sun setting and my photo opportunity rapidly disappearing I grabbed them and paired them the quickest way I could think of; Nerd style! Huhu! In actual fact the trousers make me think of builders and overalls and sexily washing bulldozers like in Ciara's music video but that option wasn't available so I went with nerd instead.

I think the look is super cute, once again using only one pop of colour to truly set it off and then leaving everything else neutral. What do you think loves? Think of any pants whose potential you might have overlooked Haha? Wishing you all a beautiful, magical day wherever you are.


- Jade xx

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