Oh gosh! 20.

Blouse: Zara 
Shorts: Zara
Cleated platforms: Public Desire


Photo Credit: Godfrey Kadzere

Hello my lovelies. Finally the post I've been owing you for two weeks is ready. Haha. Were you excited? These pictures were taken on my 20th birthday :D and it was such a fun shoot! The color palette and the shoes are just my absolute favorites and I felt a bit like Barbie. My birthday was very low-key, I always say my birthday is usually not so great but it wasn't so bad this time I went for a picnic and then a friend took me to dinner and all the wonderful people in my life made me feel very special. Mum got me the flowers ( in case you were wondering ) and I thought they looked so cute as part of the look. What do you think? 

Like I said in "she only saw red" I stopped freaking out about being twenty the day before. I mean it can only mean an opportunity for more greatness and I'm going to make sure it is. 

Have a brilliant day lovelies. 


- Jade xx


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