Red Revenge

Plaid Shirt (wearing) : Cotton On
Plaid shirt 2 : Ralph Lauren 
Dark wash Jeans: Cotton On
Heels: Guess 

Photo Credit: Moses Chisale

Hi beauts! Remember what I said about being courageous this year? well here goes right? this is a follow up on another of my more daring outfits where I combined stripes with checkered and now here I am putting plaid on plaid. :O *Shocking right?* I thought the title was appropriate because I’m always going on about how I don’t really like red and somehow since I’ve been here it’s been sneaking into my outfit posts now and again and this time it’s everywhere!

The truth is that red is a really provocative colour, I always feel like it’s shouting at me and who want’s to be confronted by their clothes right? On the other hand though I can understand the certain appeal it has. Red is sexy, confidant, sophisticated, daring and vibrant. It almost expresses the Aries woman to the T! Yet I insist on having an aversion to it!

I thought the mixing of the different tones was really brave of me and even though I would have much preferred to pair it with some pleather leggings the jeans worked because they toned it down a little. All in all I ended up pleased with the result despite my initial hesitation, Maybe next I’ll try everything denim! :D

- Jade xx

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