Uptown Girl

Dress: Borrowed from little sister
Bag: Borrowed from little sister who borrowed from big sister 
Shoes: Via Marte

Photo Credit: Moses Chisale

As soon as I saw this dress hanging in little sister's cupboard I knew exactly how I was going to style it! It's so sweet and it kind of just made me think of sex in the city, working girl meets out going fun girly girl kinda thing, know what I mean?! I hardly ever colour block or anything like that but these two different pops of colour just completely made the entire look. We shot this in malawi and we actually got in trouble for taking these pictures using the bank wall heehee but either way I'm glad we managed to wrap up the shoot before we were chased off by the security. 

This truly is one of my favourite looks, totally "my face" as I would usually say. I love how fun the dress is and how light it feels as I wear it. The pleats in the skirt are also super adorable and so much fun to twirl in, as you can see above Haha.

The boots are a young favourite, worn very few times that I bought in Brazil with little sister and my best friend and they're just so gorgeous. Strong colours like that are so hard for me to work with but this year I think I'm getting red right. I thought about styling the dress with a shirt over and either some cute booties or barely-there, thick-heeled sandals and maybe I will but this look definitely won me over with the simplicity of it all. Adding that pop of color truly makes all the difference and in this case I think it's awesome because it doesn't make the look messy or anything. 

Anyway, this week is going to be a hectic one for me with a craaaazy amount of assignments but I hope you all have amazing Monday's and feel inspired and ready for the week. 


- Jade xx 

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