Army Green

Shirt: Borrowed from the Magster
Bandeau crop: A recycled dress
Jeans: Cotton On
Heels: Legit
Clutch: New Look 
Earrings: A gift 

Photo Credit: Godfrey Kadzere

Good Morning dolls! How was your long weekend? I wish I could say that mine was busy but the truth is that I had so much time on my hands I basically finished all of my assignments way in advance. The last few days of last week were pretty hectic. I had to run around trying to get a telephonic interview done and only managed to be done with the transcript by Friday. *sigh*

This outfit was another casual look I shot recently and now that I see it in photos I actually think I like it better than I did at the time. The crop top is just a little something I whipped up on the sewing machine. I love the combination of the army green shirt and the block heels, give's it a pretty military feel. The shirt also keeps the whole ensemble from being too revealing. Not that Pia Mia would have an issue with that,  but I like to keep a balance between what's on the bottom and what's on the top.

This week is definitely going to be yet another busy one. Starting with this morning when I rolled out of bed ten minutes before my next lecture, almost stepped on my macbook and hit my head on my chair, sending myself into fits of giggles. Don't worry, I made it to class but already the trials and tribulations of my day have started to creep in and those didn't even have anything to do with work, just my pure clumsiness. I hope you all have beautiful mornings and that your day doesn't start by hitting your head Haha.


- Jade Kebbie

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