Too Cool for School

Skirt: African Bible College Uniform 
(yup I'm so deep I steal little sisters uniform)
Top: Jay Jays
Heels: Mr Price 
Clutch: New Look
Necklace: Ali Express 

Photo Credit: Moses Chisale

 I know, I know, I know... How many blogs have used this title for a look? Hundreds would be my guess but can we blame the fact that this skirt genuinely is waay to fun to be an actual school skirt what?! It's just too cute! And right in trend too as last year made sure that the midi skirt was everywhere. When I went through little sisters closet (Yes, by now you all know that she has much cooler clothes than me) and I saw this skirt I figured it was a school skirt but I wasn't going to let that stop me from trying it on, let alone, wearing it when I saw how awesome it looked! 

This look is super elegant and the midi always carries that classic chic look and so I thought I'd pair it with courts and the red lips. I pulled my hair back into a pony to brighten up my features because the colour play is so dark and accessorised with the "pearls" for that little touch of elegance. It was a super comfy look actually #NBD and really easy to move around in, as with the midi skirt you don't usually have to worry about it riding up or flipping upwards and so on. 

I don't usually wear skirts but this look really is my face and I had a lot of fun shooting it. I almost wished I had some day gloves, a hat and jacket and some huge sunglasses, Audrey Hepburn style. What do you think? Worthy of the term chique?! 
Have a beautiful day today! 


- Jade xx 

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