Christmas Wishlist and Gift Ideas!

Hey loves! I can't believe Halloween month is over and it's already only a month until Christmas! It used to be my favourite time of the year as a kid; I mean who doesn't love being with family, great food and presents right?! As you grow up I suppose it becomes a little repetitive and it's not always as great because we miss the people we love but that doesn't mean that Christmas isn't special every year in it's own way. Every year I make a little (kinda) wishlist for Christmas just in case people need any help haha. and also because wish lists are just THE most fun. Huhu! Anyway, here is my Christmas wish-list. I hope it inspires you for your own or gives you some awesome gift ideas;

7. iTunes & PayPal Gift cards

I know that it's a super long list haha but I think I'm also going to let it carry over to my Birthday (In March). I hope I get at least two things from it because that would be awesome. I actually forgot to add one of those little boiled egg makers for the microwave, heard of them? My recent obsession with boiled eggs in the morning pretty much depends on it. Haha. I think that's it though, or rather, those are my largest and most pressing wants of the year. Not to mention they are some awesome gift ideas for everyone else right? Giving is much more fun than receiving lol. What about you guys? If you have any great gift ideas or wish list items feel free to tag me or comment below. :* kisses!

- Jade xx

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