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What Kim and Kanye have done for fashion

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About two years ago when Kanyes first line came out Yeezy 1.0 I remember watching his Adidas interview and scoffing somewhat at his claims that his thousand dollar line was aimed at making fashion more affordable. He mentioned his background and how within the context in which he grew up fashion was never affordable. I remember thinking to myself what an idiot. How are his thousand dollar Yeezy Boosts going to help make fashion more affordable? Impossible right? Up until now I do not own any Yeezy clothing and as long as I’m a student probably never will. 
One cannot neglect the fact that half of his very expensive merchandise is full of inconvenient holes, tears and random scuffs that will most certainly fray and unravel should you dare to put them in the washing machine. Never mind sand-blasting range his thousand dollar range now looks like someone took a perfectly warm and good quality jersey and attacked it with a R20 cheese grater from Pick n Pay. And we can’t forge…

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