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Queens I'll follow to the end of the Rainbow

Hello my lovelies! I haven't forgotten about you, I promise! The truth is I've been gone far too long and the longer I'm away from my beautiful little blog the harder it is to bear the thought of looking at my sad little outdated page. Knowing how neglected it has become has been breaking my heart and so I decided that for my first post of 2018 I wasn't going to make it about myself but about you, all of you. The beautiful Queens and maybe even some kings who have followed and supported me back when blogging wasn't yet a thing (at least not my side of the world) and who still do today.

The opportunities and friendships this little blog has brought me are invaluable and I have only you to thank for being there when no one else was and encouraging me before I even knew what Youtube was or what good lighting looked like. To think when this blog started I didn't even wear make-up and yet my loyal friends and followers you stayed with me and continue to do so as we…

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