Nails of the Week - Peach Glitter

Hello lovelies, 

This "nails of the week" post is from a few weeks back, those of you who follow me on snapchat probably already saw this colour. This nail polish didn’t actually have a name but it was basically a metallic, glittery peach with a translucent glitter overlay. 

My nails are still growing out since the last break and so as I mentioned on my insta. One (or two) of these is fake. But it's time is almost up and soon soon we shall be back to 100% natural ( i just took like twenty minutes to find the "%" button *OhGosh* ) !

I know that it's basically the South African equivalent of autumn (or as the americans say "Fall" ) right now and this isn't really an autumn-going-into-winter kind of colour but I just love how festival this looks with all of the rings (Keep an eye out for these rings dolls ;)). I've recently been loving nudes and understated colours work really well with bulky accessories, rings have been my most recent obsession. Can you tell I love animal rings?! Haha! I hope you all have a beautiful day pretties, I myself have a meeting and lots and lots and LOTS of work to do and I'm already longing for the weekend.  


- Jade xx

p.s. I know that I have much to improve upon with regards to the quality of my nails of the week shots... bear with me loves I am currently working on it.:* 

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