Wine, Dine and Pine

Coat : Foschini
Lace crop : MadBunnyRetail
Fitted Leggings : Jet
Heels : Cotton On

 Photo Credit: Taylia Meese 

Hello Beautiful people! How are you doing? I hope you're all great. :p This week Taylia and I dared venture beyond our apartment complex and it's car park. eek! Haha. Armed with backpacks, camera and heels we set off in search of a non-white wall and some awesome pictures.

This look was something I'd been mulling over for awhile and this MadbunnyRetail sample arrived just in time for me to shoot. I blame Zando *cough,cough* for not letting me wear the look as intended with Brett Robson's Camel coloured suede leggings but I guess they were sold out for a reason because actually these pants are flame! Awhile ago whilst trying to force myself into branching out and wearing something other than leggings or jeans I grabbed these in Jet without even trying them on and honestly best (and most surprising) impulse purchase yet. I wore these to the Mtv Africa Music Awards and I got so many compliments. They fit so well you wouldn't believe they were like R100 of the sale rack!

My Mum says every girl should have a basic camel coat and she bought me this one about a year ago under claims of its versatility. She was giving me a suggestion I was hoping to ignore whilst I dragged her around in frantic search of a beautiful blue peacoat by Woolies that was sadly not meant for me. But my mother is a pretty stylish lady and turned out she was not wrong about it. I don't know if it's the sleeves or what but as well as being the perfect winter companion this coat has the power of making you look smart and elegant with any outfit. The beauty of Beige huh?

This entire outfit makes me think of date night, movies, theatre, promenades... All the cliche stuff we see in movies. Recently I've just been wishing I had more reason to dress up. It can be hard to be a fashion blogger in this town. In the bigger cities you are constantly seeing stylish and celebrity people  to inspire you whereas here there's a much more hippie / bohemian vibe. Euphemism for wood folk who don't wear shoes and people who are too cold to give a damn. *small chuckle*. I miss dressing up and going out to dinner or even just to go to the mall with my friends. Though I am a firm believer in dressing how you feel and how you want to, overdressed is still overdressed and my heels don't much care for cobblestones. 

Anyway, keep an eye on MadBunnyRetail as I should be selling this top at some point. I hope you all have wonderful and productive weeks.


- Jade

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