So What's Everyone Talking About?

Oh yes, she did it again. Riri and her gorgeous Swarovski crystal gown by Adam Selman stole the crowd at the CDFA awards. which, she won, of course. *Sigh*. My admiration for this woman's style sense knows no limits. I wouldn't have thought that someone could rock being naked but this chick just pulls it off so well. In all honesty theres been so much controversy about this outfit but I wish it was okay to show off our bodies and not be judged. I think that the human body is as beautiful as the most expensive couture gown and with a body like that Rihanna is allowed to show it off, haha. I adore the look and her body looks hot. I doubt I'd recommend imitating this without a slip but I guess its about to happen haha. Can't wait to see her next outfit!

- Jade

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