Mini Haul!

Glasses; Barton Perreira//Knit Jersey, Jeans and boots; Cotton On//Black bow pumps; Mr Price

As you know I had a mini break last week. And one of our days out was reserved solely for shopping (had to take advantage of Joburg :p). Safe to say I got most things quite quickly courtesy of cotton on. I decided to share some of the things I got with you all and I've already got some winter looks planned with these gorgeous pieces so be on the lookout!

Glasses were on of the most important things on my list as my glasses no longer have the right lenses. I'd been wanting to replace them with some YSL glasses for so long but during the rush was unable to find a store with so much diversity. I ended up walking into one of the nearest glasses stores I could see and found these by Barton Perreira, a brand I'd never heard of before. Though I had originally had something else in mind I fell in love with these. They are so comfortable and not too chunky. I had originally fallen for the lighter eversion but after much debate my dad, sister and I settled on these ones. I still have to get the lenses switched but I'm super excited to have them and they're so stylish i'll even be able to incorporate them into my looks!

Boots were also a very much needed staple for my wardrobe. The boots I do have are all heeled but they aren't very practical in terms of walking from lecture to lecture and into town and such. At first I was really unsure about these because of the heel height and the suede but in the end I settled and I'm glad. They really elongate your foot (people with chubby toes, you know what I'm saying) and make it look more dainty. Also the fact that they're flat is awesome and they still make you feel like you could be wearing heels. I think theses were on of my favourite buys and I'll be wearing them practically everyday this winter.

Cotton On had the BEST collection of jerseys for winter and I was so excited as soon as I walked in. I ended up with two jerseys and a Parka. The other jersey is an open front monochrome print and this is almost a dress with the huge roll up  neck. It's a bit big for me which is perfect for winter and I can't wait to pair it with some leggings or some knee highs as a dress. ^.^

Huhu! I'm sure you guys have guessed by now that my hunt was pretty much for winter staples. For some reason when jack frost came along this year I found my drawers filled with miniature tanks, dainty blouses, crop tops and bralets, oops! I have a few pairs of jeans but the only ones that really fit me well are some Cotton On ones from a year back and some Boot cut Guess ones that only really fit when I'm wearing heels. So I found these two at Cotton on (again) haha. It's usually really hard to find my size but somehow after hunting around I found these two pairs. I always go for a light and a dark pair when I'm buying jeans so that I have both options and in this case I was really lucky because I found two pairs of the darker and for some reason my size had been knocked down from R650.00 to R150.00 on the sales rack which was awesome! (who doesn't love the sales rack right?!). 

One of the last things I ended up buying were these black bow pumps from Mr Price. I've wanted them for awhile and though I could probably afford them with my own money I can never find my size here in Grahamstown. I'm so glad I found them in Joburg because my recent obsession with sandals and open toed shoes has left me without any dainty closed shoes to pair my more feminine outfits with. oh yes, quick tip: If your pumps feel too tight and uncomfortable you can put some fabric softener on the insides with a sponge and leave them overnight to make them more comfortable.

Apart from all of this beautiful stuff my lovely father purchased for me I also got some vests and a few other bits and pieces. Everything here was bought in Rosebank Mall, Johannesburg and we had a lot of fun despite all of the running around ;) Just wanting to add a short declaimer: I am not trying to show off with what I got. I am extremely appreciative of everything my dad does for me and take great care of what I have. If you have any great ideas of winter staples let me know, a girls closet is never quite full enough ;) Beijos for the week.

- Jade xxx

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