Made by yours truly

Shirt: Mr Price
Skirt: Made by yours Truly
Heels: Mr Price 
Clutch: Alie Express 

Photo Credit: Moses Chisale

Goodmorning Lindas! Today you are witnessing the very first thing i ever made with an electric sewing machine. Haha. Oh yes, I'm just that awesome that the first thing I ever made came out perfect B) Joking. But really it id the first thing I ever made under the guidance of an awesome teacher. Since I was a youngster and I was obsessed with Elizabethan England and the Victorian times I used to sew little pouches to hold grandmas medicine and all other sorts of wonderful wonky bits and bobs by hand. My gran taught me to sew by hand and when my sister was committed to hospital this year my dad was awesome enough to let me take some sewing lessons so I had something to do and I loved it!

Those of you who follow me on Snapchat know that I got a beautiful brand new sewing machine for christmas at the beginning of the year and Lexie (yes, I'm one of those people who personify everything - my makeup sponge is even called Monica), Lexie and I are going to have many adventures together :D.

When Anne told me I was going to be making this skirt I was stuck between excited and wary. Firstly I had no clue if I'd be able to do it, even something as simple as it is but I was super excited it was a midi skirt because I knew that if I could do it I'd be super "IN" Haha.

I teamed the skirt with a simple white shirt because something darker would've really dulled it down (though brown could work really well) and the trusty courts because, well, they're so posh and gave it the adult look I wanted for it. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about midi skirts for me personally. I know they work but there's just something about skirts that leave me feeling exposed and afraid the wind is going to show the world my bottom if you know what I mean, and yes, that has happened before. Especially in this case as it isn't a high waist skirt. But I loved this look and it was really feminine and reminds me of my mum a lot.

Funny story, when I shot this look I was actually standing really close to a maggot-ridden dead pigeon which I only realised at the end of the shoot. That's a goo thing though because when I did finally see it I completely refused to go back to the spot and screamed like an utter idiot all to the amusement of my friends --' . Malawi is usually pretty dirty on this side but I loved this space because the leaves and flowers all around were so pretty and the made my shoes pop off! If I might say so myself Haha. What do you think loves? To midi or not to midi? That is the question hmm?
Enjoy your day!


- Jade xx

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