Like a Glazed Doughnut

Cardigan : Cotton On 
 Tank top : Forever 21 
  Jeans : Factorie 
      Heels : Superbalist 

Photo Credit: Taylia Meese 

One my friends said the funniest thing.

"Is this a picture of Jade or a picture of her highlights?"

Ha! ( yes, credit to Prisca via Taylia ). I hope this is a picture of my highlight. I love it! It took me forever to find a working highlight so I'm actually pretty chuffed. To be honest the make-up thing is actually getting to me a bit. Maintaining and keeping a healthy skincare routine and remembering not to rub your face off requires immense amount of effort. At least here glow was on fleek! I'm a huge fan of these grey jeans however they all ways make my legs look super skinny and small. eek. I had no idea what look I was going to wear next when we were filming and since Taylia was waiting for me I just through these basics together. I think it looks casual cute though so I'm digging it though maybe with day courts, Light Denim or Camel. :p What do you think? How would you rock one of these pieces? Hope you're having a sunny day!


- Jade

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