Nails of the Week - Touch of Starlight

This week I decided to go with something simple. For the past year now light pink and nudes have been my everyday staples. I love a polish that keeps longer nails looking clean and that matches basically every outfit. These nails are actually Acrylics. After months of rocking a shorter and more muted nail I wanted to go back to acrylics just for fun. When it comes to maintenance my procedure remains the same, read my previous article for how I maintain my nails here. Because the pink was so muted I thought why not add a little glitter and so decided on an ombre and I'm seriously in love. I stared at my nails at least every two minutes when I first painted them and I'm fascinated by how sparkly it is every time I put my cell phone torch on them. Nothing like a bit of sparkle eh? 

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