Taking Control

Hi Beauts. I humbly apologise for  the gap in time between this post and my last. As usual I intend to keep updating regularly however it always ends up taking last priority as my focus right now is working towards getting my first degree. Nonetheless, I still wish to apologise and I hope I haven't lost all of my loyal readers to the suspense.

Recently I've been doing a lot of reading about motivation and success and taking control of your own destiny. If you know me or have been following me for awhile you'll know that I am highly encouraging of self improvement however it's one thing to love reading about it and another to follow through and actually be the change you want for yourself.

This year has been one of trials and tribulations. Yes the usual life shit, it screws you over every now and then, yadda yadda. But for me it has been a personal journey of self acceptance. Living alone I have had to work on my self discipline. I remember being in High-school just wishing I could live alone and be in varsity already and yet here I am and often it takes every ounce of willpower I have just to roll out of bed in the morning or make sure that I eat a proper meal.

Introducing myself to YouTube was another area that required me to grow a thicker skin. My channel still has less than 100 followers and I don't really have that much content up yet but the concept of having people judge not just your writing but your actual face and the words you say is daunting. I was comparing myself to other YouTubers and bloggers and I would be lying if I didn't admit that it took me a few months to remember how valuable I am as just me. And to accept that over time my channel will grow and improve the more quality content I put up. To those of you who do send me encouraging messages or comments via my social media platforms I would love to say thank you and I wish I could give you a hug. If only you knew how valuable a comment is to me. There are days when I want to give up on my dream and my passions, when I honestly feel like theres's no point in trying and that no one is interested and it's so great to receive encouragement especially when it's towards what you truly love.

The YouTube world and the rest of the Internet had never really scared me but I sort of realised that it can be a dangerous place. When you forget to just be yourself and what your intent is and start to compare yourself to other girls you are only hindering yourself. I want to do a post on comparison a little later on because I think it's something we all tend to do and that can be harmful to us. But I would like to think that's something I can make a habit of avoiding in my own life.

 To be in charge of oneself is such an incredible responsibility. Only now do I realise that when it comes to self improvement, accepting yourself and taking care of your own physical and emotional health is huge and actually making the changes you want for your life means being proactive. I've had the opportunity to meet young, driven and self-made people from all sorts of industries and walks of life and the common denominators are passion, focus, drive and ambition. Qualities that inspire me and that, I hope, others may use to refer to me someday.

I know that these are trying times and there is so much more that we can talk about other than beauty and fashion right now but for me The Coconut Lists and the world of fashion and beauty is a welcome break away from reality so I do hope you don't take offence at my lack of comment within this space. And though I cannot make promises of say a certain number / type of posts every day or even every week I do promise that there will be new and interesting content up soon. Outfit posts, Beauty Hacks, Fashion inspo, you name it. If there's a specific topic you would like me to engage with just shoot me a message or a comment and I'll try and address it or give any advice where and whenever I can.

Stay beautiful people and don't forget that you are in charge of your own destiny. Just try and remember that no matter how impossible it feels it doesn't hurt to start chasing it or crossing the first stepping stone. I think everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams if its what they truly want. Whether you're in high school, just beginning to think about what you want or you're already older and have big dreams taking the first step can't hurt anymore than being afraid and not even trying. Right?!

- Jade

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