Nails of the week - Wednesday Blues

Sooo, this week I wasn't going to do nails of the week on account of feeling especially down, not to mention swamped in work. My friend Anam however, asked me about my nails of the week and when I told her she said "That's a terrible excuse!"

Supportive as ever right? *eye roll* But no, truly this is why I love my friends. As soon as she said it I realised that she was right. (Thank you Nammie for pushing me in the right direction) I figured that even if I was feeling down, just painting my nails could be one of the things to cheer me up right? And it was, I decided to try something different and use almost the same technique as my Lavender Fairy Dust and went for a metallic royal blue with a light blue glitter coat over the top. (Both by Essence). 

- Jade xx

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