Adidas x Kanye West

So my Lindas recently Kanye West’s venture into the fashion world took a successful step into the future with launch of his new Adidas collection. Though overdue, I was going to write my next article on the Grammy’s,  mainly because of Rihanna (let’s face it the most remarkably dressed) but then Kanye launched his collection and I couldn’t pick my mouth up off the floor. 

As most people who know me are aware, I am most definitely NOT a fan of Mr West and his fashion sense in the past has been, in my opinion, vulgar and provocative at most. This time however, I give him a thumbs up. Not a standing ovation because that kind of thing only goes to his head but yes, I can finally see his potential. 

The collection consisted of earthy hues, a bit of colour thrown in here and there and was mainly oversized dust jackets, sophisticated sneakers and tchan tchan! …. revealing body stockings! The colour palette gave the collection that military feel. 

Despite the jackets it strayed completely from the usual Adidas look, a factor that, I believe, gave it it’s extra boom! In his interviews Kanye did mention a little friction between the Adidas team and what he wanted to do, however they seem to have managed to come together to create something truly amazing and unique. 

Though I found some of the pieces to be deliberately provocative and unnecessary (if i’m completely honest) there were differently some items I’d love to see go mainstream (like the boots! *glitters*) and hopefully they will, as Kanye also says he wishes to make them affordable and available to the masses. Though I highly doubt I’d be wearing skin tight, transparent stocking to the gym anytime soon I wouldn’t turn don a jacket and some boots for my everyday wardrobe! 

Another aspect of the show I'd like to comment on was also the set up, rows and rows of models as if part of some military formation. Plus the fact that Kanye used models of every shape and size was something I found truly inspirational. That along with a quote from his recent interview with Dirk Standen "Racism is a distraction to humanity" and my respect for Kanye rose miles high. Clearly he has some sort of vision and maybe he's finally learning how to actually communicate it. 

The show had a remarkable VIP presence and the front row was to die for, including favourites such as Rihanna and Anna Wintour. Kim and North were also super cute sitting up in the front row supporting him. I’ve included in this post a few pictures of my favourite pieces. 

What do you think loves? 


- Jade xx

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