Trend Alert: "Double-Bagging" ?!

Though not a new trend this had definitely been something I've been dying to talk about as said by blogger Laura from Edgify Me "Whats better than one Chanel bag?... Two Chanel bags!"

I first encountered ‘Double Bagging’ through Crystal Kasper from New Hipster and that was the term she gave it when she posted an Instagram photo of a really cute blue Zara bag and an elegant gold shoulder bag Truth be told? I wasn’t in the least sceptical about this trend. I mean, firstly It’s Crystal Kasper and everything she does is absolutely amazing. Secondly, theres no reason for skepticism in this area, it looks superb and bags are top so why not have more than one?! 

How many times a year do we women complain about the fact that our pockets aren’t deep enough. or worse, (and what a horror) DECORATIVE!!!! To have more than one bag seems like the obvious and perfect solution to that nightmare while at the same time having your outfit look a million times cooler than if the designer had simply incorporated an extra pocket. 

The trick to double bagging I’d say is to keep it small. We’re talking Chanel Boy and Louis Vuitton Alma PM not Burberry Porsum’s Oversized tote or even a Herm├ęs hold all. We want long straps or fanny packs not arm candy. Another thing to keep in mind would be colour combos, shades of the same colour can work well, for example; camel, black, pink etc But as soon as you start mixing finishes (bronze, gold and silver) it can start to get tricky. I think contrasting colours can work well too, after all color blocking has always been a great hit but be careful it’s not over the top and that it doesn’t take away from the outfit. In this case contrasting finishes can actually work well because the bags aren’t actually supposed to match. 

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