Nails of the week - Barbie

Hey lindas. This week I am living the dream! Haha. For this of you didn’t see these gorgeous pink polka dot nails on my Twitter here you go! 

When I was young I had this Barbie video cassette that I used to watch all the time and Barbie had these gorgeous pink nails with white polka dots. It used to be my dream to have the same. I was tiny of course and I had to cut my nails and that was the tiny bit I didn’t bite off myself! Anyway here I am now living up to my childhood dream of having the exact same nails as the cartoon barbie on my TV screen, and I couldn’t be happier! I think they’re super cute and they really complement my new shape. 

For those of you wondering how I managed to do it I used an unnamed pink base (bought once upon a time at Foschini) and then put my Essence polish French Manicure nail pen to work. I even managed to do the left! 

What do you think my loves? 


- Jade xx 

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