Alexander Wang for H&M.

Oh My Ghaaad, Oh my Ghad, Oh my Ghaaa-aaaad! Was all I could think about when Alexander Wangs H&M Collection dropped earlier this week.


The perfect combination of minimalism, meets, form, texture and structure in tones of grey, black and white with accents of colour. Genius! Perfect in light of where the wind had been blowing trend-wise too! Sportswear has been a huge part of this years style circuit and Wang demonstrates this through such expertly through his use of materials. Most looks also incorporate the well known "slider shoes" we've seen everywhere this year. Can we also talk about the scuba boots?! How absolutely divine are those, and no, I never thought I'd say that :D. Forget leaving the body suit on the beach apparently we can incorporate that into our day-to-day wardrobe too. I'm a mixture of pleased, shocked and overwhelmed at the beautiful fact that he did not even take a miss at the heels. Choosing instead to incorporate the elegance of a stiletto with the badass sexiness of the biker boot combined with the sporty element of wetsuit socks. The material wasn't the only sporty element to the designs. No, wang added to the collection varying sporty accessories. Amongst these were a water bottle, a W shaped trophy and gym bags. Obviously I'm in deep like with this collection though I will say that some of the pieces are definitely not for me. I'm not too fond of all of the lettering and leggings are something that I don't entirely understand when used as pants but all in all I love everything else and how minimalist and modern it is. Not to mention how comfy it looks ;) If you want to read more about the Alexander Wang collection for H&M click here.

- Jade xx

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