DIY Tassel Earrings!


Great Designers have used tassels for ages and there are so many different styles and design to work with. Today I thought I'd share with you a really cool DIY idea. I've seen Tassel Earrings in loads of places and wanted them for so long so I figured that I might as well make them right?! I shouldn't be dishonest and take all of the credit though, day 3 of Alex Beadon's Blogging Challenge was to share something we do and love doing, so I had to delve into my list of future DIY ideas and come up with this one! I think this is the first actual and complete tutorial/ How to that I've done so i'm pretty sure that with time they'll become even more awesome! :D Hope you enjoy!

First things first.... Here's what you'll need (Colors are optional of course):


To Create:

 - Take your piece of card and draw two circles and then cut them out, these will be the base of our earrings. Do the same with the felt and cut out two circles of the same size. You can put these aside for now, we'll use them later.
- Take your cord and glue it in a circular fashion on the one side of the card. 
Make sure you use lots of glue around the edges to make it stick and then leave them to dry....
- Take your two tassels and glue them on the back of the cardboard. Again, you will need lots of glue to make sure they're really secure.
- Stick your Earring posts through the back of the felt. It's important you pay attention here because the placing of your earring post is very much optional and depends on whereabouts you will want the circle and how big your ear is. I placed mine at the top because my ears are pretty small and that was where I wanted it but again, it is optional and entirely upto you so don't worry if it's a tiny bit squonk or just not the same as mine :).
- Now we're almost done. Next just use plenty of glue to glue the felt earring onto the back of the card/cord circles. 
- Make sure you leave them to dry overnight, just to make sure they're secure and perfect for all the awesome stuff you have planned when you wear them! 

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