Chats with the Cat

Hey lindas,

So I finished the 7 day blogging challenge with a bit of a pop and a fizzle out. Ou seja, I didn't finish the last post and I am whole fully sorry for that beauts. But exam period, you know? Anyway. Halloween is here and after a rushed trip to town I finally came up with the most economic and easy outfit to wear tonight.

Cardigan: AliExpress
Bangles: Forever 21 
Lip pencil: Spree
Cat Ear Tiara: Jay Jays 
Crop Top: Jay Jays 
Shorts: Phillip Lim

The whole ensemble is thanks to Jay Jays South Africa with the exception of my boots, which were purchased ages ago from Queenspark for what was an absolute fortune in comparison with how often I end up wearing them. Anyway... As you can see I am a cat :) huhu. These cat ears that I found are so cute they make me so happy! I opted for high waisted shorts and the long sleeve top so that too much skin won't show. I'll probably also throw over a kimono or a large cardigan as I'm opting for lightly nutty as opposed to slutty;).

For my tail I was going to just buy some black fluff and make it into a tail but it was not only too much effort but I was worried I might ruin the whole thing and end up looking like a squirrel/rabbit, so I opted instead for a thigh high sock stuffed with... well, other socks and viola! Meow! Tail done!

This was probably the quickest and easiest outfit to put together for halloween. I saw the cat ears and instantly knew that it would work but there are so many other more original and awesome things to do if you have the time. If you want some great Halloween costume ideas click here or here.
Hope you all have an awesome evening and a Happy Halloween to those of you that celebrate it. Hope you enjoyed this post! Kisses.

- Jade xx

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