Is Skin the latest Fashion Accessory?

Olá ladies! And gentlemen of course! I know this is pretty late but I’ve been wanting to make a comment on this. It seems there is a new trend amongst the stars. Skin. From nude colours and tight fits to actual  transparency and a few expertly placed scraps of material, Is showing your bits the new way to go?! (:-0)

Rihanna at the amFAR gala in Tom Ford 

Starting with the ever daring Rihanna baring all for GQ and then french adult magazine “Lui”. Not that she’s stopped of course, we had Vogue Brazil’s topless shoot, twerking in a thong in her music video “Pour it up” and nude dressing room photos on the Frappening. Recently we had her body all over Facebook and the internet in a wet t-shirt and see-through undies in the sexy pages of “Esquire” magazine. As if it wasn’t enough that her outfit for the CDFA awards was totally transparent, her gorgeous body almost outshining the thousands of Swarovski crystals that adorned her see-through dress. 

Rihanna on the cover of French magazine, Lui

Iggy Azalea easily embraced the transparent trend with a net bodysuit in her music video “Work”, two accurately placed Palm trees played over her nipples. Miley Cyrus recently embraced the trend as well. At the amtAR Gala where she appeared rocking it with miss Riri (also rocking her skin, of course). Miley opted for black strips, barely covering her top half with a full black skirt.


Iggy Alazela in her Music Video "Work" // Miley Cyrus at the amFAR Gala in Tom Ford 

Though the "barely-there" trend hasn’t fully trickled down to the general public we are now going back into sheer lace, chiffon and mesh. Not to mention nude bodysuits and open back halter necks. The always shining Kim Kardashian West has been one of the main stars seen sporting the nude look whilst remaining completely covered.

Kim Kardashian West in The Wolford fatal jersey dress 

Skin is a controversial trend and I’ve seen many fashion bloggers comment that the trend is vulgar and so on. Personally, I think that maybe we just shouldn’t judge and let everyone do what makes them comfortable. 

I’m excited to see where the exhibitionism leads us and to what? How much further can you go when you’re already baring all? It reminds me of the characters in a Ben Elton book I read awhile ago; “Blind Faith”. It addresses issues of the future such as; the public vs. private information sector and future surveillance. In the book no one really wears clothes and that’s the way it is. ( If you’re interested in this kind of thing I’d definitely recommend this book to you ). 

Anyway, Ladies and Gents, per usual feel free to let me know what you think about all of this? How would you feel about baring all? haha. 


- Jade xx 

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