Trends in South Africa

 Hey Lindas! Today I wanted to take a little bit about how quickly South Africa is picking up the trends these days. I am mainly looking at Mr Price as a general indication of the trends in South Africa but I am also referring to closely related brands that are not much further behind like Jet, Pep, Choice, Legit, Truworths and YDE. 

I haven’t really been here long, only a few years so I only saw it start with the leggings. First leggings became pants, then Neon came out and we loved it! Neon sheer, Neon gym tops, Neon accents, Neon details…It was late of course, but we were closer to the actual trends than ever before and South Africa is still doing Neon. Then we went for mullet skirts and lace detailing, after which followed Maxi’s which, in turn, were followed by us going crazy over peplum shirts and Bodycon Dresses. When you think about it the craze for Peplum makes sense though it’s at least one trend meant for Africa, giving the typical curvy African woman a flattering figure. After that we decided to chop off a third of the maxi skirt and go elegant, creating the Midi. 

When festival-wear came out along with floral headbands, crops, hippie pants, net and asymmetrical skirts come out we took awhile but we eventually caught up. So much so that we now have scuba inspired wear and bodysuits. Not to mention the Birkenstock inspired slider shoes and ready to launch perspex envelope clutches. Accessory wise Mr Price always does well. We’ve had Cuffs, Triangular earrings, chunky gold jewellery, maxi necklaces and ear cuffs for awhile now, I’m so proud. 

Another one that’s late but has caught up immensely is Jet. Still in Boho mode they have now got printed kimonos, fringe bags, greek inspired sandals and textured pleather all for amazingly reasonable prices.

The last one I’ll mention is Markhams. Markhams did the bow tie, geeky look along with Jay Jays. Then they went preppy and now they’ve taken Mr Price’s route and attempted to recreate the general idea of “Swag”. They still maintain, however a general level of class, selling dress clothes: suits, neat shirts and tailored pants. Shoe-wise they always do well too, a steady supply of classy dress shoes, boots and trainers. 

So what are we looking for next? Well, Mr Price just launched a Henry Holland inspired collection. I’m predicting prints, texture, bomber jackets, two-pieces, jumpsuits, box clutches, (*I wonder if they’ll do a cheaper version of a creeper, or a cleated platform shoe?!*), halter necks and a lot more lycra and embellishment. If they really wanna impress us they’ll follow up in their furry jerseys and give us fluffy clutches, mules, and bandana harem pants. 

It's definitely going to be interesting to see where everyone takes it from here but I’m excited for us South Africa! How about you? Let me know what you think? What trends do you predict will hit South Africa in the near future? And what would you like to see?


- Jade xx

Image Credit & Sources: Mules: Maison Martin Margiela & Zara // Bomber Jacket: John Lewis Jigsaw // Halter neck: Unknown // Furry Clutch: She Recycles Fashion

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