Temporary Tattoos

Image Source: Belle Mocha

Hey Guys! I know that I harped on about these already in my “All Cluttered Up” post. This time I want to focus specifically on the temporary gold aluminium tattoos as seen on the Queen Bee herself, Kesha and fashion bloggers such as Sydney Fashion blogger, and the South African blogger, Brett Robson. I mean, how cool are they?! It’s like Jewellery but on your skin, no more scratching yourself on your rings! Plus, don’t we all want tattoos at some point and even better if they’re shiny gold or silver and we don’t even have to worry about regretting it afterwards. 

Image source: Fashion by Brett Robson 

Image Source: Couture Crush

When I saw these tattoos, gente (guys), I could hardly contain myself! I knew I had to get  my hands on them. Lucky enough, South Africa's fashion industry playing catch-up and all, Boho Marks came out! I discovered them through insta but you can buy them online at Sassy Chic and Stylemology. Because of the SAPO strikes I still haven’t ordered them but I can assure you, I’m dying to get some! As soon as I do I’ll do a review for you guys. If you have any really cute pictures or temporary golden tattoos. Feel free to tag me or show me, I think they’re gorgeous and I’ve seen so many original designs. Hope you found this interesting loves and you should really try them out too! 

- Jade xx

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