Nails of the Week- Lavender fairy dust

Good morning loves! Todays nail polish look involves a little bit of gleeeeeeeeeeter! Haha! my new ‘thing’, for a little while anyway. To get this look I used two different colours. One was an unnamed metallic or rather, glittery, purple and the other a shiny gold by Essence ( Yup, I am loving their glitter colours). 

I actually did this in between classes and so I basically painted the purple and then used my fingers to spread the gold but it works so much better with a sponge and really gives it that ombre effect. Maybe someday I’ll post a nail tutorial based on it. Anyway yah that was my nail look for this week. I really loved it because even though it was shiny it wasn’t as “out there” as the holographic nails were and it shone so prettily when the light hit it at just the right angle. 

I called it Lavender fairy dust because that’s really what it made me think of and it’s not as if the sun has been that reliable of late so I really feel like the colour compliments the dusky weather…. Anyway, hope you are all having wonderful Wednesdays. 

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