Nails of the Week - Holographic


This week I’ve actually been super excited to post this nail colour because it’s actually so amazingly beautiful. I borrowed this from Maggie and it has such a pretty holographic/ mother of pearl effect I just haven’t been able to help looking at my nails all week. (Have you noticed that they’ve grown?! Yay!)  This colour is by Essence and I actually really like Essence polishes because they’re super affordable, the brushes are easy to use and they honestly have a great selection of colours. My only complaint would be that the bottles are really small and if you don’t apply a top coat they tend to chip pretty quickly (except this one surprisingly!) but all in all I’d definitely recommend you get yourself some, especially this colour. 

I know that Holographic was sort of something we did last year but I’ve recently been loving glitter on my nails. Just gives them that little bit of pizzaz and sort of reminds me that everything not so bad because my nails are looking awesome! Haha! As well as helping you feel pretty, I also think that having sparkly and pretty nails is a great conversation starter. This week alone I’ve been approached by more than two people asking me if my nails are real or saying they look nice and I’m so terrible at meeting people so I honestly thought that was really sweet. 
So there you go, holographic essence polish for nails of the week. Check it out pretties and who knows? You might even make some new friends… 

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