So I don’t know if you remember, but last year Mr Price launched a PR campaign for Henry Holland that included customisable PVC Clutches with pop art inspired stickers. About two months after I had ordered my own PVC clutch which unfortunately only arrived after Mr Price’s launch due to the SAPO strike. 

Oh well, a few weeks late but still in time to be in trend nonetheless. 

Anyway today I’m not here just to talk about ze clutches, right? 

PVC is all over, just like furr. We have incorporated it into skirts, highlighted with Kim Kardashian wests nude version and before her, Shirley B. Eniang’s pink Missguided PVC pencil skirt. (Click here for her Youtube Video on how to style it) and now even shoes; As a great example D-squared’s recent bejewelled Virginia sandal and Mr P’s black suede and PVC courts (The one’s i’ve been rocking all December *wink*). Clutches and Skirts however remain the predominant plan for the trend. 

I first saw the trend with Shirley B. and them in skater skirts and crops for River island and Misguided and then suddenly it was all over everywhere. Personally I don't think I'd be quite ready to commit to PVC clothing but a few accents here and there work just fine hey? 

What do you think ladies? To go plastic or not?! 


- Jade xx

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