Nails of the Week - Pretty in Pink

Notice anything different? Anything? Anything at all?! 


The claws had to come off for awhile. I was foolishly messing around sometime last week and a few too many nails broke for me to hold onto them. Sadly I had to file them down but if I'm quite honest it turned out to be a delightful change. Though I fully intend on going back to my "almond" shaped nails (or is it "stilettos"? not sure) it turns out that I actually missed my square nails quite a bit. This week I chose a pale pink colour by Essence, (I truly love their polishes) and I love it because it looks super clean and neutral. If you're looking for a nude colour this pale pink is definitely something you should consider. 

How about you though? What do you think lovelies? 

- Jade xx 

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